Electric Motors SMAC Serie

IPM Motors. More Performance, More Efficiency, More Compact

Configure your Electric Motors

Operating Range

Power Range (continuous)

0,6 - 100

Power (peak)


Torque Range (continuous)

2 - 300

Torque (peak)



24 - 650

Ingress Protection

from 54 to 6k9k

Product Selector

SMAC Serie, Lightness Strikes Again

SMAC 077-025

Peak Power: 0,6kW
Max Torque: 2,6Nm

SMAC 077-050

Peak Power: 1,0kW
Max Torque: 2,6Nm

SMAC 096-025

Peak Power: 1,5kW
Max Torque: 3,0Nm

SMAC 096-050

Peak Power: 2,5kW
Max Torque: 6,0Nm

SMAC 132-025

Peak Power: 3,6kW
Max Torque: 12,7Nm

SMAC 132-050

Peak Power: 6,0kW
Max Torque: 26,0Nm

SMAC 132-075

Peak Power: 10,0kW
Max Torque: 37,0Nm

SMAC 200-035

Peak Power: 12,0kW
Max Torque: 48,0Nm

SMAC 200-052

Peak Power: 15,0kW
Max Torque: 56,0Nm

SMAC 200-070

Peak Power: 28,0kW
Max Torque: 94,0Nm

SMAC 200-105

Peak Power: 35,0kW
Max Torque: 120,0Nm

SMAC 200-157

Peak Power: 45,0kW
Max Torque: 270,0Nm

SMAC 200-210

Peak Power: 90,0kW
Max Torque: 270,0Nm

SMAC 270-050

Peak Power: 60,0kW
Max Torque: 140,0Nm

SMAC 270-100

Peak Power: 104,0kW
Max Torque: 280Nm

SMAC 270-150

Peak Power: 156,0kW
Max Torque: 420,0Nm

SMAC 270-200

Peak Power: 204,0kW
Max Torque: 560,0Nm

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