Electric Transaxles

Battery Powered Axles with power from 0,5 to 30kW

The most complete scalable drivetrain system for electric vehicles. The compact gearboxes are designed including differential, rigid axle, brakes and motor in a all-in-one solution for an easy vehicles installation.

Benevelli electric transaxles are ideal for a wide range of vehicle on Agriculture, Cleaning, Construction, e-Mobility, and Material Handling sectors.

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Electric Transaxles with Differential TX1 Serie
Up to 600Nm

TX1 Serie consists in high performance electric transaxles for battery powered vehicles, powertrain includes a compact gearbox with differential (optional locking), rigid axle, brake system and electric motor in all-in-one solution for a quick vehicles installation.

Electric Transaxles with Differential TX2 Serie
Up to 1.600Nm

Looking for more power and torque? TX2 Serie is the right electric transaxle. Thanks to its modular system it enables the interchangeability of key components, including electric motors, gear ratios, braking system, wheel flanges, difflock and fixation points.

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