Electric Motors

Power from 0,3 up to 40kW

Low to High Voltage PMAC and AC Induction Motors

Electric Motors and Generators

Suitable for agricultural, construction, cleaning, material handling and e-Mobility markets, Benevelli can deliver smaller, lighter electric motors and generators than competing technologies.

Each Benevelli motor is a customized product made through the standardized production process, motors can be so designed for traction solutions, for hydraulic systems (as pump interfaces) and with standard flanges (IEC/NEMA). 

The standardized production process enables us to assembly the customized motor in a short time, as a result the delivery time is similar to “off-the-shelf” motors.

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AMAC Serie

From 0,6 to 20kW power

AMAC Serie consist in high-performance AC induction electric motors for a wide range of low and high voltage battery-powered vehicles. Thanks to embedded speed sensors you will get full motor control.

SMAC Serie

From 0,3 to 40kW power

SMAC Serie are lightweight revolutionary synchronous motors for battery-powered vehicles. They offer lower weight and higher power in a smaller package thanks to innovative winding design.

Scalable design

Modular design allows configuration in over 500 models of different sizes.


Ultra protected motors thanks to the special design that allows protection up to IP6K9K.


Motors designed to provide the highest power and torque available in their size.


Easy to install thanks to the four supporting surfaces and the square shape.


Available with temperatures and speed sensors, special sensors on demand.


EMC certification performed in accredited institutes. All motors are UL ready.


Engineered for significantly weight reduction than conventional motors.


Optimal electric design and component technology minimize losses.

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