Electric Wheel Drives

for Electric Vehicles, Industrial Machinery and Off-Highway Mobile Equipment

Electric Wheel Drives

Modular Wheel Drives with load capacity up to 4.000Kg

We delivery mobile drivetrain and motion solutions for construction, agriculture, material handling, and cleaning industry.

Benevelli wheeldrives are designed as a monoblock including motor, reducer and wheels in a all-in-one solution for a convenient and easy vehicles installation.

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Electric Wheel Drives

WD Serie

Up to 1.000Nm/Wheel

Get the best power density thanks to Benevelli electrified e-Hub Drives. Designed for off-highway mobile equipment it's available in several configurations.

DD1 Serie

Up to 500Nm/Wheel

Modular solution for autonomous guided vehicles, it combines a compact wheel drive with low voltage electric motors. Ideal for material handling, AGV and LGV.

Wheel Drives for Outdoor vehicles

TR1 Serie

Up to 400Nm/Wheel

Zero turning radius solution, it include several configuration for outdoor vehicles. Custom versions can be engineered to meet your requirements


Engineered for significantly weight reduction than conventional e-Hubs.


Ultra protected thanks to the special design that allows protection up to IP6K9K.

Power Saving

Optimal mechanical design and component technology minimize losses.

Gear Backlash

Minimized gears backlash for a precise control and positioning of the machine.

Electric Motors

Available with AC Induction and high power density PMAC IPM motors.


Easy to install thanks to special fixation points ensuring a great mounting flexibility.

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